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A color film photograph of Josh Stewart holding a camera
About Me

Hey hey! Well, here we are, and as most of us have probably thought when writing stuff like this: "Where do I start?!"

My name is Josh, and I am a designer working at Think Company. I am also a published photographer with experience in fashion and fine art work. Lastly, I am a writier... or at least I try to be.


For as long as I can remember, I have been a creative person. I was that kid who went into the woods with my friends to take photos and get lost in my imagination. Frankly, I have never really let that part of me go and I remind myself to treasure that often. Allowing myself to have that creative space and time has always been my lifeline. That ability really helped me when I started my career at places like Apple. I have been able to connect with folks, understand their challenges, and find creative solutions for them. Adapting to the challenges life throws us or solving problems before they start, is an art on its own I've learned.

Hot & Fast Interests:


Gallery visits

Finding new music

Exercising and being outside

Queer Art + History

Dressing up for Halloween



Football ( I'm a Packers fan )


Spending time with my husband & family

Tiny homes

Video games (Overwatch in particular)

Going to shows

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Josh Stewart standing on the Cliffs of Moher
A photo of Josh Stewart and his husband holding a sign that says "protect trans kids"
A photo of the band Foals playing in Philadelphia
Josh Stewart and his family at Lambeau Field
Josh Stewart and his friends white water rafting
Josh Stewart's dog Jack
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