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featured in Petrie Magazine

An empty lot
A broken basketball hoop hanging on a pole.
A dilapidated freestanding row home.
A covered car in front of a freestanding row home.
A open lot with trees with one person walking in the middle.
Dilapidated row home through a fence.
The sun reflecting off the windows of public housing
A tall tree between a block of row homes
A blue and cream wall of a row home.
A view of a man sitting outside of a building through a bush.
A brown, decorative pole in front of a brown gated door on the corner of a building
A large wall in an empty lot that is half way painted blue
A lot of signs hanging on a fence in front of row homes.
A row home that has all windows boarded up
A symmetrical photo looking down a street with Center City Philadelphia in the background
A view through the branches of a tree with kids playing on swings
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